333 Ronson Reusable Unisex 100% High Elastic Safety Motor Rainsuit (Top & Bottom) [With Reflective Strips] #911005

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Item Code: 911005

Packing: 1 Carton // 2 Dozens

Size: M // L // XL // XXL

Colour: Grey with Navy Blue // Grey with Cobalt Blue


M Size:

Top: L61 X W56 (CM)

Bottom: L97 X W22 (CM)

L Size:

Top: L66 X W56 (CM)

Bottom: L98 X W22 (CM)

XL Size:

Top: L68 X W65 (CM)

Bottom: L101 X W22 (CM)

XXL Size:

Top: L68 X W67 (CM)

Bottom: L102 X W22 (CM)


Shiny material

Reusable Hooded Rainsuit

Buttons closure on hood and front pockets, zipper closure on the front

With reflective bands on the back

Comes with 2 front pockets with buttons closures

Jacket and Pants come with elastic rubber waist

100% Waterproof

PVC Material


Ventilated back